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Antique and Curiosities Market (Utrecht)


Last weekend we went to visit the “Antiek & Curiosa markt” (Antique & Oddities market) in Utrecht and found hundreds, maybe even thousands, of time capsules that brought us back to grandmother’s time. We literally spent nearly 5 hours browsing all off the stands and were stunned with what kind of antiques we could get our hands on. The market had more than 120 stands and was happening both days of the weekend and we were lucky with the beautiful sunny day to travel down to Utrecht for this.

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Easy is better. Easy is faster. Easy is cleaner.

Some time ago I read an article on the 37signals blog which inspired me and triggered several thoughts. One part of the article struck me so much it deserves a quote right here:

Easy could mean faster. Easier could mean more obvious. Easy could mean a lot of things. But the part of easy I like is when you take an existing problem, study it until it becomes clear, toss out everything that makes it blurry, and carefully polish what’s left over.

In the world of web software development, and also in other web development business you might be in, it deserves a golden phrase plaque on the wall. Everyone should remember that less is more and everything that you’re adding to the basic functionality of an app is overkill.

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Review: Koko – Coffee & Design (Amsterdam)

Koko Coffee & Design menu close-up

Koko Coffee & Design is a nice, cozy coffee bar in the middle of the ‘De Wallen’ area of Amsterdam. Serving several flavors and styles of coffee with delicious cakes, pies and muffins. They get their coffee from the Belgian roasters of Caffènation in Antwerp, which on its one is already a common name amongst the coffee lovers. If you love their coffee you can also buy a pack of coffee beans to make some more at home.

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Short Updates

  • Trying to develop our own plugin for the website to be displaying all the pictures we attach to our articles. This way we can all show you a nice gallery when we're making more pictures than fit in an article. #
  • Been working on the blog almost every day now. Trains are amazing workspaces. It should be ready very soon now! Will post more info when the progress has been  made. #
  • Our very own website is about ready to go. Only a few tweaks left and we're ready to go! #
  • Whatever happens in The Jing, stays in The Jing! #
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Welcome to Cheese Boy & Kimchi Girl

We are both very normal people like you and everybody else. Every day we enjoy our very own lifestyle and we enjoy things like going for dinner, enjoying time and talks in coffee bars, watching interesting movies and judging everything we see. When we are not judging things we are talking about how we not judge books by its cover. On our blog we write about our opinions on many topics and to share our experiences we gained over time and travel.