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Our blog is almost ready to go live

Every time more and more ideas came across the table and every single time nothing actually ever happened. Now we went brutal and we finally started (actively) working on our own blog and the result is almost ready to be tested on the public. Although we think we could still improve it a lot, we think it’s worth to give it a try in the wild. It’s the only way to see if it flies.

Opening Soon!We’ve actually had this idea since the time we were still in China, working hard and every day for other people’s money. Even though we still do that today we also finally have some to the conclusion ‘we should finish what we start’. That statement came to us clear as crystal, but it also made us think about  what we should be writing about. The most cunning and artificial subjects came across our minds. Though the final solution was just that much simpler: our daily lives. As boring as that may sound at first (even to us), still we thought we’ve been through lots of situations and have experienced so much, a lot of other people would’ve never even dreamed of.

Basically it comes from the little, tiny fact we’ve been doing things other people never dreamed of, but also to give those people an insight of what you would be capable of if you would just think outside the little box called “country”. Thinking borderless is a difficult thing at first because everything outside there is new and unexplored for every individual alike. Once we step foot beyond that border, though, we can find so much we can explore and we’d be running to get to know more about it.

This would basically explain in a nutshell (I could go on and on about this) why we want to tell every person on this world, and the next, about our experiences. After all, information is the most valuable and resourceful source in the universe. Why would sharing it not ba a good idea? We think just that! Share it to the world and everybody can be smart.